15 Questions With Rosalind Weinberg Founder Of @theinfluencersdiary

As part of a new series, we bring you the stories behind some of London's more stylish and successful women entrepreneurs. We ask questions on all aspects of home/work life and get personal insider information on 'A day in the life of' these great women. The first in our series touches on the life of mother and business owner Rosalind Weinberg...

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Describe your personal style? 

Minimal and Timeless

What is your go to everyday outfit? 

Currently my all black Alo Yoga gym wear. However on a good day it's  a basic tee or my Novo London Bodysuit, Paige Denim Straight Leg Jeans, a structured Balmain blazer with Stuart Weitzman riding boots and my trusted Hermes Kelly bag.

What are the three key wardrobe pieces that you couldn’t live without?

A structured blazer, a well fitted jeans and my Hermes Kelly.

Favourite day to night look? 

Always a LBD. Pumps or boots to killer heels and hoops.

(finish the sentence) You feel most comfortable in...black, that is my happy colour.

What does slow fashion mean to you? 

Timeless, High Quality and Ethical.

Career and motherhood

When did you start your business @theinfluencersdiary

I would say I’ve always been an entrepreneur, from an early age I was always trying to find myself a side hustle. Designing my own t-shirt line to launching a blog, which led me to my first career success, being headhunted to become the Editor of MTV Verge Magazine at 18 years old.

 It was my curiosity at Verge Magazine that led me into the world of Digital PR. I couldn’t understand why we was asking celebrities for their beauty and fashion advice, when half of the brands they recommended our student readership couldn’t afford.

It was with that I decided to go out and interview ordinary girls and guys that I knew students would aspire to but were still relatable. Little did I know I was out interviewing “bloggers and influencers” before they were officially given the title of “bloggers and influencers.”

I combined the relationships I had with brands with the relationships I had with bloggers and launched my Agency,  Rosalind Shimmen Communications which soon developed into a product, with the product being The Influencer's Diary, a mobile app that provides influencers with events, paid campaigns and travel and gifting opportunities and Brands/PR Agencies the correct influencers for their campaigns – Using the power of data.

 Being a young female entrepreneur has helped massively as it has allowed me to easily connect personally with Bloggers and Influencers, as they are all of a similar age with similar interests.

Being a millennial means I know the market, as I am the market.

What's a typical ‘day in the life’ for you?

8am - I wake up naturally

8:10am - Check emails, reply to Instagram comments and messages both on the business and my personal account and engage with followers and read over the days to do list

9am - Out of bed and down for breakfast. While Leo (my son) enjoys his breakfast I reply back to emails and enjoy my first cup of tea

10:30am -  Workout - Usually pilates.

11:30am - Wash and shower (Always with Leo - Kill 2 birds with 1 stone)

12pm - Play time with Leo - We either play board games, play outside in the garden or we go to the park

1pm - Lunch time

1:30pm - 3:30pm - Leo naps. This is when I get a majority of my work done (Check in with staff, Check Directory data, add a new PR contact to The Directory and work on client campaigns)

3:30pm - Leo wakes up and enjoys screen time for 1 hour, he is obsessed with Sooty and Sweep at the moment. While he watches that (with his snacks) I'm able to get more work done.

4:30pm - I usually turn off the computer around 5pm but will continue to check in during the course of the evening using my phone. But I try to dedicate the evening as much as I can to Leo.

7pm - Dinner 

10pm - Lights off (Yes this is usually Leo's bedtime too.. the only drawback of my 8am lye in's.. can't have it all!)

As an influential woman, what do you find is the key to success? 

Consistency. If only people understood how important it is to be consistent. Everything we value in life is a product of consistency. Success, health, fitness, wealth, friendships, relationships and all other aspirations are down to consistency.

As a busy working mum what would you say is the key to managing work / homelife? 

Keeping to a schedule and being able to multitask. I fit my work around my son. When he eats, I work. When he sleeps, I work and when he needs my attention, I'm there.


What does the perfect weekend look like to you? 

Lie in, tea, toast and magazines in bed, spending the day outside in the sunshine with family, eating lunch out with a glass of wine and then home to a takeaway, movie.. and more wine! (Can you see the consistency here? Told you, consistency is key *wink wink*)

What are your go to beauty products? 

REN Overnight Glow Dark Spot Cream and Ready Steady Glow Tonique,  

Kjaer Weis Facial Oil 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Favourite holiday destination? 

Anywhere HOT. But I love the Mediterranean lifestyle.

What advice would you give your younger self? To believe in the process.

What has 2020 taught you? 2020 and many other life lessons have taught me that life is short, try everything. I would rather live a life of  "oh wells" than "what ifs".