Created by Women for Women - Meet The Team

Happy International Women's Day!
Today, we celebrate the incredible social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. As a female-led fashion brand, we recognize the power of women to change the world, and we're committed to supporting and empowering women in all aspects of our business.

At our brand, we're proud to have a diverse team of talented women who bring their unique perspectives and skills to every aspect of our business. From design to marketing, operations to customer service, we believe that women are essential to the success of our brand.

"NOVO is a great place to work because NOVO is an exciting and forward thinking company with strong core beliefs - which I feel align very strongly with my own." 

"Having a great team of strong independent women to work alongside each day."

"Being the co-founder and having built a brand that I am passionate about and believe in every day whilst working alongside an ever-growing network of creative women that all bring different skills to the business is something special."

As a fashion brand, we recognize that we have a role to play in promoting gender equality and empowering women through our clothing. Our timeless wardrobe collections are made for the modern woman - crafted with high-quality sustainable materials and classic designs that transcend trends. Elevate your style and reduce your environmental impact with pieces that will never go out of style.
That's why we're committed to sourcing our materials ethically and supporting women-owned businesses in our supply chain. We believe that by creating a more equitable and sustainable fashion industry, we can help empower women and create positive change in the world.
This International Women's Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of women everywhere. Let's work together to create a more equitable and inclusive world for all women. Thank you to all of the beautiful and creative women we have worked with!