Q&A With Renia Jaz: The Over Forties Fashion Blogger

We did a capsule Q&A with Instagram’s most original mature fashion blogger, a woman beyond the confinements of age and cliché styling; Renia @venswifestyle.

2 words to describe your Instagram.

Stylish and classic.

What makes a good Instagram photo?

I think it’s all about being yourself and showing clothes that you are comfortable in.

What is your standard pose?

I don’t think I have one! I’m far from being a model, so I don’t have a standard pose!

I try to create content that…

will be interesting and resonate with everyone.

Where do you draw inspiration for your styling?

I look for inspiration everywhere. From magazines like Vogue to street style and Instagram!

Your favourite Instagram outfit?

It’s difficult to choose one, I’m a big fan of suits, blazers and trench coats!

Instagram Stories are for…

fun and to show yourself from a different side!

Your most used hashtag?


Your best style tip?

Wear what you feel comfortable in and don’t be afraid to experiment with clothes and styles.

What are your 3 key pieces for Winter?

Leather trench coat, pleated skirt and puffer jacket.

Shop Renia’s key pieces for this Winter
Leather Trench
Pleated Skirt