Start Your Capsule Wardrobe This Autumn

After the sweet rush of Indian summer, warm days of London are now out of the picture for good. With the drop of outdoor temperature, houses are slowly losing all the heat that's been the courtesy of the summer sun. It is the kind of weather that makes one rummage through clothes that we stored away months ago to find something cosy to wear.

Change of seasons is no doubt a great opportunity to reassess a wardrobe. It's the perfect occasion to sift through unwanted clothes, upcycle them and make space for new ones. There's no denying that what we wear affect our moods as seasons do. We want to feel good as much as we want to stay relevant to each and every trend cycle. Although trying to keep up with so many trends, we end up not being able to easily pair a new piece with something from our existing wardrobe.

Lost in our cluttered wardrobes filled with pieces that never see the light of day, we forgot how to love our clothes. Wearing them doesn't make us happy anymore; buying them does. That's how we end up using only a small percentage of our whole closet. What eludes us is, we don't need to have an excessive amount of clothing to have something to wear for different occasions. We just need a capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to making a wardrobe stand against time, having staple pieces that go together is key. Choosing a colour palette and sticking to it helps take advantage of a whole closet. The idea is buying less but doing more. By buying less, you can invest in more quality pieces that will last and bring you joy for many years to come.

Start curating your Autumn Capsule Wardrobe with these premium essentials:

Leather Trench Coat with Waist Belt

Merino Wool Turtleneck with Embroidered Logo Belt

Cotton Cigarette Pants with Front Darts