Your Autumn Wardrobe Clear Out Guide

If you haven’t done a wardrobe decluttering yet, Lockdown 2.0 is your chance to revise your clothes. Jump on the bandwagon and explore with us how you can transform a 10% functional wardrobe into a fully functional haven.

We’re not promising that it’ll be easy. It’ll be a journey through the nostalgia of long-forgotten clothes, bought with love or on an impulse, gifted by a friend or a family member or even by that special someone who’s no longer in the picture. You’ll resist, fret, hesitate and object. But you know deep down inside that you have to let them go. After all, nothing beats the lightness of starting from scratch

First, you have to find the courage in you to get rid of the ones that haven’t seen the light of day for years. Yes, we’re talking about years and not that stereotypical one year. Alas, we all know that this year hasn’t been like any other. So, we have to make an exception. Let’s think about years. That one odd top which you were saving because maybe someday you would buy a pair of trousers that would match it, or that trench which never seemed to go well with any outfit you have. Saving things because there will come a time for them doesn’t work when we’re saving clothing that we never actually had a chance to love. Don’t forget, those odd items you have hiding somewhere dark should never be your closet irregularities (in other words, glitches in the Matrix) but accent pieces that lift up your whole look and your spirits instead of giving you nightmares when it comes to mixing and matching them.

Once the odd ones that never got a chance to be integrated into your daily life are out of the picture, let’s take a look at how well the remaining pieces work together. You just upgraded to the second level of decluttering. You should now start seeing your items in a different light. Is there a piece that contradicts the colour palette that you want to achieve? Eliminate it. Do you want to have more classic silhouettes? Get rid of the frills. You get the idea.

Now you’re in the third level where you are left with your essentials. The ones you can’t style an outfit without. This is where you see what your wardrobe ‘really’ lacked all along. Let’s think in terms of occasions here. Start putting different looks together laying clothes on your bed. What seems to be missing? A party skirt to make things playful? A casual smart jacket you can wear to work? Try to see if you can use the same item on different occasions. You’ll be amazed at how many looks you can pull with what you have.

Congratulations, now you’ve cleared out your wardrobe. But your work is not done. There surely are some items that are missing. Now is the time to make conscious choices about your next purchase decisions. Can your closet survive without ten different outerwear pieces? Do you really need two white shirts in two different styles? Do you want to buy something that you’ll pay little and wear only once then donate in two years, or do you want to invest in a quality piece that you will enjoy wearing for years and spend less for one style of an item in the long term?

The choice is yours. But there has never been a better time to consider enjoying 100% of your wardrobe.

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