Caring for your Wool

Wool is a delicate natural fiber that offers wonderful warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities. Keep the fibers as fresh as the day they were shorn with these wool care tips.

Our Guide To Caring For Wool

To best remove stains, immediately spot clean with cold water from the backside of the fabric, pushing the stain outwards instead of further into the fibres. Do not rub or scrub the material, as that causes damage to the fibres.

Make sure that you fold and do not hang knitwear to avoid misshaping.

If possible, always opt for airing your Wool garments, you can easily do so by placing the garment where there is free flowing air. This is the preferred method for many fabrics to ensure longevity and quality maintenance.

If you need, wash Wool in the machine at a low temperature on a gentle machine cycle, using a mild detergent without bleach.

Air dry - it is kinder to both the product and the environment, make sure to shape your knitwear before drying. Do not tumble dry as Wool will shrink when exposed to higher heat.

Due to the nature of the Wool you should not need to iron but if you wish use a cool iron avoiding embroidery.