At NOVO, we have our take on how we can help become a more sustainable brand. We advocate a long-lasting capsule wardrobe and believe that buying quality pieces and reducing the need to overbuy ultimately helps the environment. Say no to fast fashion and fleeting trends.

Our in-house female-led creative team designs each collection around the modern woman and her lifestyle. Whether your priority is quality, versatility, colour scheme, or cuts that flatter your figure, NOVO’s timeless collection has been designed to work with your needs and to suit your lifestyle.

We’re determined to follow a journey of responsible and sustainable retail. Last year, we removed our plastic packaging and now use fully recyclable boxes which dramatically helped to reduce our carbon footprint. We also carefully consider production volumes to reduce waste.

We base our design philosophy on enduring modernity. We believe a design should be beautiful and defiant; a response to a collective need not just a trend, and then age to become a classic; not fall into a discarded pile.

Our long term goal is to continue improving our green credentials and look at ways that we as a brand can positively promote sustainability and offer you a way to improve the lifecycle of your clothes and ultimately your impact on the planet.

We believe in the discerning style seeker. We only offer what we believe will stay in your wardrobe for many seasons to come. When the physical life of a piece is over, will you replace it with the same?

We source the very best materials – time-tested or cutting-edge – to achieve the highest aesthetic quality that will wash and remain beautiful. If resilience is not part of the answer, we discard it.

We help you to care for your NOVO pieces so that they really last. We make every effort because we believe in a long life of authentic style that transcends trends.

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